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Jamal ‘Kirby' Brathwaite

We have been doing a rain dance for the weekend and are probably the only persons doing so. The car absolutely loves the wet. We have not done too much to the suspension as ultimately the car is a rally car. We will change the tires and run in group 2B. This should be a lot of fun given a couple Leeson Moe prepared cars are running in the group and there is a friendly rivalry between the Moe and Chicken Pen Racing camps.





David Balgobin

We have been doing testing and it has worked out well. The engine was freshly put in for the day/night event and is running perfectly. We have dialed in the suspension in testing and eliminated an understeering issue which we had. The handling will also be improved with fresh tyres and a wheel alignment.






Stuart Williams

We had gearbox problems at the end of the last event. We thought the clutch was the problem but we discovered that there was a crack in the bell housing. The new housing caused a problem with our shifter because of positioning but the problem was easily rectified. Currently we are running a mild anti-lag but still no Traction Control.






Steve King

The car is well prepared. Over the years the weak link of the car has been the gearbox, but that has now been changed. We think that the car can compete with Mark Maloney and Stuart Williams but we will see how the racing goes. I will look to enter the CMRC again next year.







Dave Hinds

My car is ready and we have been doing some testing. We had encountered a problem with the throttle position sensor and hope that it did no engine damage. Car is now sitting lower and we have shed some 180lbs which is equivalent to a 20hp gain. The aim is to represent Barbados to the fullest and I think I am in with a sporting chance for a win.


Robert Gill

I completed two days of tweaking and some exhaust work. I will do some more practice as I am looking to be another 2-3 seconds faster. The engine now is a combination of a silvertop and blacktop Toyota engines. I have nothing to lose as there is a lot of work left to be done to be fully competitive in 2B. I think Jason Harewood has a good chance to come out on top in 2B.


Ryan Francis

I am well prepared for the coming event. I haven't done much to the car but I've gotten some good tires. I think I will get a good challenge from Pope and Herbert. The plan is to push up to 2A next year as I've spent a good while in group 1 and I feel I can handle the pressure of group 2.


Edward Corbin

The car is prepared as well as can be; it has been run through thoroughly. I'm hoping for the best as the group is a fairly even one and challenging especially with Kenrick "Snapper" Husbands in the group. I'm currently sitting second in the championship and won't mind the help of the 2B competitors to over haul [Jason] Harewood in the championship. However, the championship will settle itself as I am here strictly to enjoy myself at Bushy Park.


Jason Harewood

Right now I am close to ready. There are a few minor things to do to get maximum performance. The most significant thing upgraded was the driver. I have gotten a lot more seat time and confidence, making me more comfortable with the car. Right now I am unsure about the competitors coming from overseas but I expect good competition from Robert Gill, Jason Parkinson & Freddy Mapp. I am looking and hoping for clean racing and putting it all in the hands of the Lord.

Nick Williamson-Ford Escort Cosworth

This is my first time to Barbados, but I have heard from Simon Gilmore that the local guys and cars are very quick. I have been racing bikes from 1981 and cars from 1996. Right now the car is set for the fast, smooth UK tracks, of which Bushy Park is neither. We have to change the ratios in the differential as the straight is short and also the spring rates to stop us from bouncing all over. I am hoping for rain to help even things out.

Adrian Beer MG

This is my first time to Barbados and I have heard nothing about racing here on the island. Now 27, I have been racing for 11 years and racing MG's has been a family tradition. I also race a Lotus in the UK but we figured that the MG would turn more heads. As it is, the track is a very technical one, being very tight with short straights. The MG would LOVE to have some more straight as the car is set up for the long straights and the faster corners in the UK. The qualifying session will be key.

Steve Hall- Audi TT

I have heard nothing about the racing in Barbados. I was asked if I wanted to take a vacation where I could take my wife, son and car; who would refuse that? The car is space framed and built by AutoCross for a firm in Germany. The car was left hand

 Drive and converted to right hand drive. The  car is 255hp and weighs 855 kgs with me in it. The small rims you see come as a result of the league the car runs in where the rims, suspension, brakes, revs and tires   The TT soaks up the bumps at the track well and I love the tight, twisty trarack which is similar to the 1 mile Lydden Hill in the UK. The car has won the championship from 2008 and I am leading the championship for 2010. The Audi is for sale.

Doug Gore

The back differential broke after a couple laps of the track, however Barry Gale has nicely sponsored a replacement. For the few laps, the car felt much better than 2 years ago. There is still a fair bit of suspension work to be done but I think Roger Mayers better has qualify good because it is going to be difficult to pass me on this tight track with the cars having so much power.

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