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bmayers_race_3_win.jpgEveryone was anxiously awaiting the big “Digicel Williams International Event” at Bushy Park, including the M & M Racing Team! The days leading up to the event included some long hours of work on the Ford Focus, as the new engine was air freighted in a few days before the event.

The Suzuki was basically ready to race, but we were waiting on new suspension which arrived in the country Thursday the 26th; I worked through the night to get the new suspension fitted so we could go testing on the Friday. Testing went well for me, as the suspension worked perfectly from the start. I just had some minor tweaking to do to get it 100%.

The Focus gave some trouble on the Friday as Roger broke a CV joint as well as a stub axle, which we fixed for Saturday.

On Saturday Roger cured all of his problems and qualified with the fastest time of 41.148, and I shocked myself with a time of 41.705, which placed me third on the grid as Stuart Williams barley edged me out with a time of 41.700. Both of the cars went home in one piece, and did not even need any work the Saturday night, which is very rare.

rogermayersrace1.jpgOn the Sunday we were confident that we were going to have a good day of racing. In race one Roger had a great start and kept in the lead right to the finish with absolutely no problems; I was not as lucky. I started in third position and kept close on to Roger’s bumper into the first turn, but I forgot to back a gear down so when I went for the gas the car bogged and I was instantly passed by David Sumerbell and Andrew King. I kept close onto Sumerbell in the race, but had overheating brakes which prevented me to get by him. I was still was able to finish 2nd in class behind Andrew King and 4th overall in the race.

In race two Roger started on pole again and got off to a good start but, unfortunately, his engine expired on the second lap putting him out of the day’s racing. I was a little more fortunate in race two. I started in fourth position and was quickly able to get by third place Sumerbell on the second lap. The only person left to catch was Andrew King, but King also had a bit of bad luck; on the third lap his car broke down and I was able to pass him comfortably, putting me into the lead and I then went on to win the race.

In the third race I started in pole position, but I had David Sumerbell in a turbo charged car next to me. I had to time the start of the race perfectly to get ahead of the faster Sumerbell. I had a very good start and lead into the first corner. I looked in my rear-view mirror and saw a red Mitsubishi spinning out, so I immediately thought it was Sumerbell and cruised to the next corner. I quickly glanced again in my mirror when entering the second corner, and to my surprise saw a red Mitsubishi on my back bumper; it was Sumerbell! The red Mitsubishi I had seen was another driver in the race, and I had almost lost my first position to Sumerbell. I put all effort into my driving and slowly started to open a gap between myself and Sumerbell, and by the sixth lap had a comfortable lead. My car stuck in fifth gear for the next three laps, but I was able to hold my position as I nursed the car home. In the last lap I miraculously got the gears back again and brought the car home in first place!

The team has a few weeks before the BARL night-time event in October, then we all head south to Guyana where we will be ready for some more good racing!

Thank you to all of our sponsors for all of your support; with out you it would not be possible! - Simpson Motors, Shell V-Power, Chefette, Valvoline Oils, Ignition, Delaware Dispensary & Illusion Graphics – a big thank you also to Digicel for keeping us in touch in style this weekend!!

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