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Review of Run-Rite Fuel System Cleaner

We kicked of our series of reviews by visiting the Auto Surgeon Auto Repair building where we witnessed a demonstration of the Run-Rite Fuel System Cleaner. The 'patient' in this demonstration is a Toyota Corolla L-Touring. These engines are very common in Barbados so it was no surprise that this power plant was chosen. Fuel system deposits occur in every engine regardless of brand or octane rating. It is also interesting to know that deposits normally occur when the engine is turned off! Short stop and go trips compound this problem. Our Caribbean engines suffer the harshest of conditions and a product which helps to maintain these engines is welcomed.

We arrived and was greeted by a number of other players in the automotive industry who were just as keen to see what this product can do.

The Run-Rite Fuel System Cleaner is a 4 step process and should be done by authorised professionals only.

Step 1. Throttle Body/Air Intake Cleaner

The first step was cleaning the throttle body, throttle plate and air intake. We were asked to observe these areas prior to application of the cleaner. In the photo at right you could see a build up of deposits. Automotive technicians normally attempt to remove this build up by using rags or other crude methods, but by using what is called the Intake Snake there is no risk of scratching coated bores or removing protective coatings.

After applying the Intake Snake we observed the same areas again. Practically all deposits were removed, leaving a smooth uninhibited path for the incoming air. The throttle body cleaner is known to improve idle, throttle response and reduce stalling.

This photo shows a build up of deposits. Click to view larger image

The result of the Intake Snake. Much cleaner throttle body free of any build up. Click for larger image.

Step 3. Fuel System Treatment

The second step involved pouring a 12oz. bottle of Fuel System Treatment into the gas tank. This 'formula' removes deposits from injectors to restore proper spray pattern and fuel atomization. Scavenges water, lubricates upper cylinders, valves and injector tips.

Step 3. Oil System Treatment
The Oil System Treatment is poured into the engine and is used to remove gum and carbon from the ring-land. It reduces blow-by and provides lubrication protection during cleaning. It cleans and treats seals to reduce future deposits.

Demonstrator Ferdinand Trotman indicating how to use the Oil System Treatment

Step 4. Run-Rite Intake Cleaner
This is by far the most technical and precise step of this process and could be very harmful to your engine if not done correctly. We iterate the need to have this process done by qualified personnel. The Intake cleaner removes varnish, carbon and gum deposits from the induction system. The residual cleaner removes valve, combustion chamber and piston deposits. While this step continued for about 30 minutes, we noticed the scent of the chemical coming from the exhaust. ZHAUST was careful to check for alcohol fumes or other harmful chemicals which can damage your engine. They were notably absent here. Run-rite also works in your catalytic converter to remove deposits.

Here we see the run-rite representative applying the intake cleaner while the attentive audience looks on.

The first thing ZHAUST noticed when the process was complete was the noticeably quieter and smoother idle of the engine. Before this application the engine vibrated at idle. This has disappeared. Improvements which can be easily identified if you decide to have this done to your car include:

  • Better fuel economy
  • Quicker engine response
  • Quieter and smoother idle

These benefits have been verified by the driver of the test vehicle. It is recommended that this process be done to your vehicle about twice per year to keep your machine running smoothly. We're sure you wouldn't want your car to stall when you are parked out in lovers' lane! You may not have the energy to push.

Other products ZHAUST has tried with good results include the Sledgehammer Fuel System Cleaner, Kleen-Rite Oil System Cleaner and ICF Induction cleaning foam. These are available from reputable outlets including:

  • BS&T Motors
  • Federal Motor Spares
  • Simpson Motors
  • Nassco
  • Auto Zone
  • Bellville Auto Spares
  • Goodridge & Sons
  • Optimum Sales & Service
  • Hunte's Auto Spares
  • Rezult Auto Shop
  • McCarthy's Garage
  • R & R Works
  • Zokel

ZHAUST gives these products a thumbs up. For further information contact Auto Surgeon @ (246) 437-9887 or visit»





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